What is CowParade?

dscn2323 CowParade is the world’s largest and most successful public art exhibition. It has taken place in over 75 cities globally, including such major world cities as New York (2000), London (2002), Tokyo (2003, 2006, 2009), São Paulo (2005, 2010), Mexico City (2005), Buenos Aires (2006), Moscow (2006), Paris (2006), Rome (2010), Rio de Janeiro (2011), etc. The first CowParade exhibit was staged in Chicago in 1999.

CowParade venues in 2012 are North Carolina (USA), Toulouse (France), Northern Ireland, and Ventspils.

The worldwide holder of the CowParade property and brand is "CowParade Global Limited".

Why cows?

dscn2300 The cow is a universally loved animal. It does good things and makes us smile, for it is friendly and cheerful.

CowParade uses life size fiberglass cows as a medium for free and unique art. Sculptures of cows are turned to artists who then decorate the cows in a creative way. There are three shapes of the cow – standing, grazing or reclining. Angles and curves of the fiberglass cow are immensely gratifying to work with. Incredibly, over 2,500 cows have been created worldwide, but no two are alike.

Where will the cows be displayed?

The cows are displayed throughout the host city. Its streets, parks and other public places become an outdoor museum for the cows.

Further information on Cow Parade can be found at: http://www.cowparade.com